Thursday, January 8, 2015

10 Ideas to Beat the Winter Blahs

Most everyone suffers from some form of the "winter blahs."

From feeling like going into full hibernation, to having a decrease in energy, the winter blahs are very real.

As someone who thrives during the sunny, summer months, I dread winter. I love to be outdoors and I am not a fan of the cold.

The holidays are fun, and the fluffy snow stuff is pretty. But, once the holidays are over, I am ready for spring.

So, this blog post is dedicated to helping beat the winter blahs. Here are ten ideas for surviving winter and making the best of it.

1. Savor the Simple "Winter" Things

Yes, winter sucks. But, there are some things that are kind of nice about it. Try to focus on enjoying some of the things you like about it. Comfy pajamas, hot tea/coffee, snuggling up with a book or movie, skiing and sledding, not having to be so worried about pedicures or shaving your legs everyday... One of my favorite "winter" things is sitting outside in a hot tub when it's cold out.

2. Something to Look Forward to

One of the best ways to help beat the winter blahs is to have something to look forward to. Plan a vacation or a party. Whatever it might be, it's a pick me up to anticipate the good things coming. We often take vacation in the spring. Fantasizing about lying on the beach helps winter not suck so much.

3. Light Therapy

One of the main reasons for the winter blahs is lack of sunlight. Light therapy is said to help seasonal depression and increase energy. I recently ordered a "Happy Light" which is a desk light that emits a brighter light. Get as much light as you can. Even driving or sitting by the window when the sun is shining is a mood booster.

4. Get Some Fresh Air

Get outside and get some fresh air when you can. Even if it is just for a few minutes. I try to find whatever excuses I can to go outside, even just to check the mail and take the garbage out. On the not so cold days of winter, take your pets for a walk or take advantage of the mild temperatures.

5. Force Yourself to Get Out of the House and Socialize

Force yourself to get out of the house and socialize, even if you don't feel like it. Plan to go for coffee or a drink with a friend. Go to a movie. Attend a networking group activity. Once you get out, you'll feel better.

6. Take a Class or Practice a Hobby

The winter is a great time to take a class or work on a hobby or other projects. Take up pottery or painting. Always wanted to learn how to knit? Bake? Learn a new language? Spend time working on it during the slower winter months. You'll make your way into the warmer months with a new skill.

7. Break Out of a Rut

Brighten up your day by switching it up. Wear bright lipstick or bright clothes. Paint an accent wall in your living room. Try a new food or restaurant. Find some fun amid the dreary days of winter.

8. Focus On Your Goal-Setting

The winter months are a great time to evaluate your goals and do planning for your personal development. Take the time to examine yourself and work towards a better you.

9. Organize Your Space

Get ahead of the "spring cleaning" and organize your space during the winter months. Take on a project, or take on several. Organize your basement. Who wants to be down in your basement on a warm, sunny day? Organize your file cabinet or kitchen drawers. Clean out your closets. One of my favorite "feel good" activities is purging my closet. Once you get rid of a bunch of stuff, it will feel really good.

10. Hibernate

I often suffer from "I feel like I have to be productive all the time and can't relax" syndrome. Allow yourself to take it easy. Read a book or watch a movie. Don't beat yourself up feeling guilty for not doing enough. Winter is meant for a little bit of hibernation.

Happy Winter!

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